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As I got closer to my twins' 1st birthday, I struggled to find a theme that I loved. I felt like any theme I chose compromised on my vision and I had no choice but to settle. With the twins being my only kids, It would be the first and last 1st birthday I would get a chance to celebrate. Spending hours searching for the items on multiple sites, struggling to find unique party decoration and supplies, I knew there must be an easier way.  

With a huge passion for birthdays and parties, I decided to go cherry pick all the unique party pieces and bring them to one place, and make it simple for party planners, moms and family to throw pinterest and instaworthy parties.

Imagine goes above and beyond to bring together party collections that make your themes come to life. This has become the go to place for so many, but still the best kept secret!

Imagine's sole purpose is to make your party visions come to life in the most simple and stress-free way. I hope you enjoy exploring the site and ticking off your to do list. 

Harps     xx

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