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8 Tips on Creating the Perfect Pastel Rainbow Kids Birthday Party

Kids Birthday parties have become more popular among young families. Outside of inviting other children and parents, it is also becoming a requirement that they are themed. Whatever your child is currently in love with, you can build an amazing birthday party with the right colors and decorations. A color scheme that is timeless and every child enjoys is rainbows. Pastel rainbows are a current modern trend among many children. As a bonus, this color scheme looks fantastic when used on all the staple party decorations such as cups, banners, napkins, plates, party hats, and balloons.

Here are seven amazing decorations you can build pastel rainbow colors into your kid’s birthday party.

  1. .Rainbow Shaped Cups

These are absolutely gorgeous party cups, we are in love with the 3D rainbow addition! It looks incredible and adds the desired modern and timeless rainbow scheme to your party.

2. Pastel Confetti Balloons

These confetti- filled large balloons are a clever way to continue adding the pastel theme without it being over the top with color. They become a subtle but pretty addition to the party, that will elevate the theme to the next level. They will be a fan favorite of all the parents and children at the party. You can also add pastel-colored ribbon to the balloons for an extra pretty feeling.

3. Rainbow Shaped Party Plates

Party plates are essential for any gathering, and a great way to add strong elements of your theme. Go bold with the plates and show your theme colors! Check out these beautiful plates which truly are perfect for a rainbow themed party. They allow the party to still maintain the modern feel but also lets the theme shine!

4. Rainbow shaped napkins

Napkins are always overlooked, but more and more party planners are breaking the norm and using them as a tool to let their theme shine. Don't go for the standard square, plain, colored napkins, there are some great options out there. Choosing napkins that are shaped to extend your theme are a game changer! We can not get over these rainbow napkins with the iridescent details. Shaped napkins are unexpected, cute and get all the moms wondering where you got them from!

5. You can have a lot of fun with rainbow themed accessories. Check out this cute rainbow doughnut wall. Something like this would be the perfect addition to your child’s birthday party, to add color but also to change the display level. When setting up the treats table, try to add cake stands, under your plate of treats, taller vases filled with candy, so its not all just at one level. This doughnut wall is a great way to do this. Not only does it add height but it also looks really pretty and your guests won't be able to resist trying one.

6. There are so many bright rainbow-themed balloons but be careful to stay true to your theme. It complements and is a perfect addition to the pastel confetti balloons we mentioned earlier. They will add to the overall theme and the pastel colors will continue to throughout the party space. These large foil balloons also look great at the front door or the entrance of the party room. Its a great way to introduce the colors and themes to your guests.

7. Rainbow cupcakes and cookies

These are the cutest party decoration you can get and the most delicious. Kids are the party will adore them. Most party planners or bakers should be able to handle making these if you aren’t a savvy baker. If you do decide to make them yourself, we recommend using sugar cookie and getting pastel food coloring to make the rainbow icing. For cupcakes, you can use any flavor, then make fondant icing to shape the rainbow on top.

Planning your child’s rainbow-themed birthday party does not have to be bright colors and limited to what you can find at your local party shops . Luckily, rainbows open the door, as we have demonstrated, too many decoration options. All the listed decoration ideas utilizing pastel colors would add a modern and fun feeling to your party and can be found here.

Giving your kid a beautifully planned birthday party can create memories that last a lifetime. You simply need the right decorations to do so, reach out to us if you need help to create a party themed box just for you.

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