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Planning The Perfect “Wild One” Kids Themed Birthday

A guaranteed fun theme for many kids’ birthday parties is jungle or wild animals. Every kid loves zoos and the exotic creatures that fill them. Your kid may have requested some type of wild animal-themed birthday party, and you are lost trying to figure out decorations. Lucky for you, we have some easy and accessible ideas to make that party one your child will remember years from now. Here are five awesome decoration ideas for a “Wild one” themed birthday party for your kid’s next birthday. Plus, many of these decorations picked from the right party planner can have artwork that feels modern and chic for all the parents that attend. We suggest hand drawn cartoon style artwork for many of your decorations.

  1. Check out these animal themed gift bags. The all-white bag with the hand-drawn styled animal artwork in the center is captivating. Grabbing an assortment of bags with different animals like cheetahs, zebras, lions, tigers, alligators, monkeys, and many more can make the gift bag feel personalized for the person receiving it.

2. Picturesque jungle cups. The cool aspect of these cups pictured below, is that as you rotate the cup you get the highlights of the gold foil detail all the way round. They also feature all the jungle wildlife kids will recognize such as tigers, lions, giraffes, and zebras.

3. Plates with all the favorite animals. Plates are essential at any party. However, just because you need them doesn’t mean you should opt for kiddie bright colored, cartoon plates. For your child’s “Wild Ones” birthday, you want plates that stick with the theme. The plates pictured below are perfect. They keep the modern feeling with the hand-drawn styled artwork and gold foil detail will have the kids and parents “ooh” and “awe” over the cute jungle creatures.

4. You cannot get the plates without the matching napkins. Napkins are essentials at your party in addition to plates. To continue the theme, you need to get a matching set. We are in love with how these napkins have all the same artistic perks as the plates. They feature all the familiar jungle animals in a hand-drawn style and the gorgeous gold foil highlights which oozes boutique design!

5. Personalize to reach the next level. Depending on what type of food and sweet treats you have for your kid’s party, personalizing certain aspects of decorations. For example, check out these Icee or Slurpee cups with names on them. Personalization goes a long way for party guests, its all in the detail. Having these personalized cups along with these cups and plates, just adds a special touch that you can't get from your local party store. You can go one step further and ask the invitee to designate their favorite animal before arriving so it can also be added on their cup along with their name. or just have them all the same with the birthday boy or girl's name, it is their day after all.

These are only a few of the innovative ways you could decorate for a “Wild Ones” birthday party. There are many ways you could add the theme to party decorations. These five ideas were to get your creative juices flowing as you start to envision the party. Whatever decorations you decide on, Imagine is their to make it happen for you!

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